Due to the Pandemic, in-person assessments have largely been suspended and paratransit eligibility has been granted to thousands of patrons temporarily; until we return to "normal."  Meanwhile, the backlog of in-person assessments continues to grow. offers transit agencies an immediate solution to accurately manage the backlog of applications, as well as prepare for the future's "new normal."   Within 24-hour's notice, ADARide can establish an F.T.A. approved eligibility process that will provide your applicant caseload the nation's leading mobility management team of Medical Doctors, Physical / Occupational Therapists, mental health professionals as well as Orientation and Mobility specialists.  When compared to in-person assessments over the last ten years, ADARide has proven to be equally accurate, much more efficient, much less expensive and does not expose your patrons to Covid-19.  


ADARide's latest technology allows a transit agency to implement a safe, accessible and accurate solution that includes all of the latest assessment methods, in-person functional (when indicated), mobility management, web conferencing, telephone interviews and functional evalutions. No matter what type of paratransit eligibility process your transit agency offers, ADARide stands ready to implement an innovative solution to manage the "new normal." 


ADARide is proud to report that none of our paratransit application services have been suspended or delayed due to Covid 19. We have heard many concerns from our public transit agencies requiring in-person assessments and the potential of spreading the virus.  At ADARide, applicants and their healthcare professionals alike, have and continue, to apply for service without interruption.  In fact, many applicants have stated that their healthcare professionals prefer to conduct business online and restrict any appointments that are not life-threatening or urgent. 


Thanks to the power of the Internet, ADARide remains the most accessible and expedient ADA application service in the country.